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Curious about our level of experience? Here’s a map of all of the solar project installations that Harvest Power has completed.


Very happy with our panels. Looking forward to saving money.
Harvest power made me feel at home right away. I feel in good hands, and know they will make my solar transition an easy one. Super excited!
Very informative and professional . We’ve been shopping for solar for a while now and Harvest Power by far was the best decision we ever made. Don’t even bother with the telemarketers calling from who know where.Just give Harvest Power a call you will not be disappointed.The gentleman that helped us wasDavid 631-987-1721Thank you to Harvest Power Family
I highly recommend Harvest Power for the installation of Solar panel to your home and when you call ask for Erick Sanchez . He is very polite and very informative.
Excellent service in installing the solar panels and maintaining the panelsRight in target with the energy production mentioned in the contractHighly...
Amazing company I love it! Go Get Solar today.......
The customer service is impeccable and prices are unbeatable!
I use to give this company good reviews and recommended them to other customers, until they were rehired to replace the roofing tiles they had previously installed because racoons got under the solar panels and tore up my roof, and the solar panels. They installed light gray colored roofing tiles in place of my Black roofing tiles, on Half my Roof. When this was bought to Their attention they stated the solar panels would cover up they gray tiles, when it didn't and it became clear that it was an eye sore, they promised to fix their error. It's now been over a year and they have not fixed the problem! I would not use them again!I wanted to update this review, as we resolved our issues as gentlemen, perhaps we had a couple of miscommunications, in either case they did what they said they would do, and I would again highly recommend this company
Harvest Power is a top notch solar panel provider and installer. They are professionals in the truest sense of the word. Clean, Fast, On Time, On Budget. In short everything you hope for from a construction/installation company.

environmental impact

We have helped our customers to save

Tons of Coal Saved Since 2008

6000 KWH system

1586 pounds of coal per year

8500 KWH system

2246 pounds of coal per year

11,400 KWH system

3013 pounds of coal per year

14,300 KWH system

3779 pounds of coal per year

Learn more about our environmental impact

1,000,000+ Trees Saved

Solar energy has more benefits than just reducing coal consumption. Plant and wildlife also benefit from harnessing the power of the sun.

30X CO2 Emissions Reduction

As you may know, CO2 emissions are a primary contributing factor to climate change. Solar panels emit about 30 times LESS CO2 than coal power.

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